Mila Chia Seeds


It may not be a miracle cure, but Mila might very well take care of what ails you. Mila is a blend of chia seeds from Salvia hispanica L, a plant of the mint family that grows in the US Southwest and Mexico. Chia seeds are used as food and brewed in a beverage known simply as "chia".

Mila, which is distributed by Lifemax , takes the power of chia a step further by using seeds specifically selected to maximize nutritional value. Nothing is added to Mila--it's a pure, nutritionally potent whole raw food that deserves a place in your diet on a daily basis. That's easy to do, since chia has no distinct taste or smell and can be combined with many foods.


Mila contains some of the highest levels of Omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants and phytonutrients found on the planet today. Omega-3 is especially important to put into your body, since it's a basic nutrient your body needs to survive and it can't be produced on its own.

Almost 20 years of scientific and agricultural research backs up the power of Mila. Gram per gram, Mila has six times more calcium than milk, 6 times more protein than kidney beans and more anti-oxidants than blueberries. Click here for complete nutritional information on Mila.

Mila has anti-inflammatory effects. Perhaps that is what is behind the reports I hear from my students that Mila has helped them reduce pain such as hip and low back pain. My students tell me that Mila gives them an unparalleled boost in energy and mental clarity, and I find the same thing to be true.

Classified as whole raw food by the FDA, Mila is gluten-free, trans-fat free, sugar-free and his high in fiber and protein.

Mila is an excellent source of soluble and insoluble fiber that helps you achieve good digestion and maintain your blood sugar levels.

Mila is unparalleled when it comes to heart health, cholesterol risks, weight management and anti-aging. According to the UC Berkeley Wellness Newsletter (March 2010), by forming a gelatinous mass when digested or mixed with a liquid beforehand, chia seeds may slow the absorption of sugar, help eliminate cholesterol from the body and make you feel full.


I love Mila for its culinary uses, which is flavorless. The consistency of Mila means I can eat it two times per day. I can easily eat Mila on the road, which is something I would never do with regular chia. Mila seeds are even smaller than regular chia, so it's a great thickener that blends easily into smoothies, sauces, desserts and other culinary treats.


I'm a dedicated advocate for this incredible food. You can purchase Mila at One 16 oz bag costs $55 and at one scoop 1-2 times per day, which is what I recommend, is what I recommend, that should be a month's supply.


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